Reasons to adopt a senior dog

Many older pets are wonderful – calm, mellow, sweet, and even housetrained. However, these animals usually represent the highest-risk population in U.S. shelters, with 3 million dogs and cats being euthanized each year.


However, why do the most gentle, perfect, ideal companions find themselves in this position? For starters, most senior dogs are suffering by no fault of their own. Confronted with financial pressures, illness, or another life upheaval, animal owners suddenly may be unable to care for their pets. People can be disheartened about the older animals that wind up in shelters, so they tend to overlook them instead of finding them a new home.

Adding a new pet to your household means looking for a pet that will be most compatible with your lifestyle, and for many people a senior pet is the best match.

Carol Kim


Even though dogs over the age of 6 or 7 seem to have a negative connotation, there are so many reasons why they can make ideal furry family members and friends:


Senior dogs may just need some time to acclimate to the better life that has been offered to them. You will soon realize that it is not only the god that needs you, but that you need the dog too. I hope that you will consider taking care of an older dog. You won’t regret it.