Stella is a beautiful 3-year-old, unspayed, Rottweiler x Mastiff x Labrador mix.. Stella is a very affectionate and loving girl. With her big brown eyes, she will steal your heart in seconds. She has high energy and loves to play, but can entertain herself as well. Because of her high energy, it is recommended that her home has a big backyard. Her personality and communication are very much from the rotty in her. It is important to note that she does growl to communicate, therefore it is important to know about her breed and can understand her communication style, especially if you have children. Stella’s recall is fairly low, but she does not have much of a chase drive and has a low interest in being alone or running away from her pack, which makes her manageable. She is okay being off-leash if she is in a fenced-in area, but it is recommended to keep her on a leash if she’s in an open area. She is crate trained, although she can be a little stubborn. She isn’t much of a fan of cats and is best with kids older than 12. She is the best of friends with Duchess, as she is in a foster home with her, so it is preferred that¬†they get adopted together.